The Product

Wim Cycle's evolution from a small bicycle component maker to a market leading manufacturer of bicycles and components, together with years of accumulated experience, has given the company many competitive advantages in terms of flexibility and efficiency in its production process. A vertical integration strategy in production is employed to maximise production capacity and improve unit cost.

In-house workshops, fabricating production moulds and tooling, afford the factory great flexibility to produce most of the components in house, reducing development time for new designs and models.

Subsidiary companies specialising in component production ensure consistency of quality and delivery and significantly reduce the cost of production. PT Wahyu Sakti Abadi specialises in building higher-end bicycles for serious bicycle enthusiasts, enhancing Wim Cycle's image and trust in the quality of products in both domestic and international markets.

Machinery is constantly upgraded along with advances in technology to match the ever-increasing consumer demand for quality.

High-speed automatic welding robots are used to enhance precision and efficiency in frame and fork assembly. Fully integrated wheel building machines are used to increase production capacity and efficiency, reducing labour without compromising quality. The quality of wheels assembled this way is better and more consistent.

Automatic surface treatment technology such as phosphating and sand blasting is used in the production process to promote adhesion and strength in the paintwork. Wim Cycle uses one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly painting systems on the market. The system uses electromagnetic powder coating technology to achieve smooth, evenly-painted surfaces with minimum waste.